About Us

Who we are.

Who are we?


The Hey Mate Project delivers mental health, wellness support, and education to the music, entertainment, performing arts, and creative industries. Our team of mental health professionals supports artists, industry professionals, companies, and the wider community to improve their mental health and well being.


Our Mission is to bring back that feel-good feeling to the community and industries we support daily through the use of industry and vocation specific support and education.


We provide a range of services including:

  • Individual coaching, counseling, therapy, and mentoring

  • Group coaching

  • Online resources

  •  Employee and Student Assistance Programs.

  • Education

  • Talks

  • Workshops

  • Panel discussions

  • Well-being support to creatives, artists, industry professionals, and the wider community.



 The Hey Mate Gig Initiative works to support and stamp out the stigma and social isolation experienced with mental health and anxiety.  We provide social and emotional support to improve the well being and overall experience of gig-goers attending events. Working in conjunction with artists, venues, festivals, touring companies, and more to build a more inclusive and considerate culture, experience, and wider community.

Our goal is to change the way we look at well being in the arts and bring back that feel-good feeling for creatives, artists, industry professionals, and the wider community.

Our Story

Our founder, Aimee Davies started her career in sound engineering before embarking on a colourful and varied career throughout creative industries including the opening of a creative studio. During this period Aimee found the therapeutic benefits of the creative industries and the niche issues professionals within the creative industries experience. Aimee found that there was a lack of creative industry experienced medical practitioners to offer preventative and proactive solutions to the challenges her peers were experiencing. After almost half a decade of working in the health sector including community services, integrated therapy services, working with young people who have experienced complex trauma, and graduating as a registered Counsellor. Aimee combined her Therapeutic skills and creative industry experience to create The Hey Mate Project and offer the niche support for the creative industries she has noticed the lack of years prior. This has followed to create our ethos to provide industry and vocation specific creative thinking support that is accessible, proactive, preventative, educational, and industry informed.

The Hey Mate Project and its founder Aimee Davies are active members of industries bodies and organisations including Music Australia, Music NSW, Music Victoria, Qmusic, WAM, Music Tasmania, Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment (AAWE), Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare, Australian Independent Record Labels Association, Australian Live Music Business Council and Arts Hub.

COVID-19: We have adapted our services to online including tel-health consultations and sessions.

Our usual services will continue and adapt as restrictions ease.

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