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Managing Morning Anxiety.

Dayspring. You either love them or hate them. This may or may not be because of how you feel when you wake up in the morning. For some people when they wake up feeling anxious it can set the tone for the day leading them to feel anxious throughout their day.

Whenever your anxiety comes up for you here are some ways you can help manage it in the morning.


Seems pretty simple isn't it, if you sleep better your anxiety will be better. But it might not be the quality of sleep but your habits before and during sleep. Somethings you can try to get a more relaxing sleeping experience and improve your mornings are:

  • Aim to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day.

  • Avoid overstimulating activities such as oo much time on the phone or tv before sleep.

  • Create a bed time routine that makes you feel good.

Procrastination. bedtime

Procrastination can be so tempting especially during the morning when you do not feel to crash hot. To kick procrastination out of your morning routine you can:

  • Avoid scrolling through your phone or laying down for the extra time when you first wake up

  • Push yourself to get out of bed immediately and JUMP into your day

  • Charge your phone across the room do you are forced to get up when it goes off


Start your morning the right way including how you start your gut health and hyrdation.

Try to start your morning with drinking a glass of water. it cleans out your body, stimulates your instetines, relaxes blood vessels, begins digestion and prepares the body and mind for the day.

Feed your body the good stuff.

You get out what you put in.

  • Aim to eat something low in sugar, high in nutrients and protein.

  • A probiotic such as yoghert and berries, is something highly reccomended in the morning to aid in the decreasing of anxiety and balancing overall mood.

Listen to your mind and body.

Take a few momments to listen to your feelings and levels of anxiety.

Think about your goals for the day and what your day will look like

Ask yourself what you hope to put aside.

Ask yourself which negative throughts can be turned into positive ones, are untrue or can you reframe them.

Get Moving.

Thats it. Get moving.

  • The sooner you can be active the sooner those "feel good" chemicals will be released.

  • Do a morning stretch, talk a walk or whatever movement your body feels like.

  • Dance to your favourite song

  • Complete a workout before you start your day if you have time.

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